Successful Story of Suruvi

Suruvi Akhter (15) reads in class nine in Nisbetganj Jarimunnesa School & College, Rangpur City Corporation, Rangpur. She is continuing her study facing severe hardship and sufferings. Because she is from a very poor family, living in the underserved fringe area of Rangpur City Corporation, Rangpur, ward # 17, Pirjabad Mauza.

When she was in High School, at times she found that most of the students of the school, even teachers were calling her with a nick name as “Tera” (Local/ Native name of Squint). She was very shocked with this behave. Sometimes she thought to leave the school. But, her green dream always inspired her not to leave the school.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Situation in Bangladesh, Suruvi’s school is closed from March, 2020, like other schools and institutions. For a long time, she could not attend in the school. Still, nobody knows when the school will be opened. This situation made her dream into dark.

During COVID-19 Pandemic Period, Suruvi normally stayed at home for safety. That time, Suruvi unexpectedly met one of the outreach staff of Deep Eye Care Foundation (DECF), Rangpur, which is the only Tertiary Level Eye Hospital in Northern Part of Bangladesh. Suruvi, explained to DECF staff that people are calling her as “Tera” (Squint). But, she could not understand, why they are calling her as “Tera”.  She told him, she had no visual problem at all. After hearing the problems, DECF Outreach staff initially checked her Visual Acuity and found that Suruvi might have squint and visual problem in her left Eye.  Then he asked her that whether she visited any doctor or eye hospital before for checking her eyes. She told that she never visited any doctor. Then DECF Staff advised her to visit Pediatric Department of Deep Eye Care Foundation.

Suruvi told her father (Md. Shafiqul Islam who is a day labour), to take her at Deep Eye care Foundation. She visited Pediatric Department of Deep Eye Care Foundation on 26.04.2021 with her mother. Her MR No- was 453844. During refraction, her vision was found 6/6 in Right Eye and HM (Hand Movement) in Left Eye. After Diagnosis, Pediatric Consultant and Surgeon (Ophthalmology) found that Suruvi had Complicated Cataract in her Left Eye from her childhood. For this cause Squint was also developed in her Left Eye. But she could not understand or feel discomfort at all; because her visual problem in left eye might be developed during her birth or early child stage and due to have good vision in her Right Eye. Though it was Complicated Cataract, Consultant advised her for immediate cataract surgery to keep and improve her vision. Otherwise she will lose her light in Left Eye. After doing Cataract Surgery on her Left Eye, Squint Surgery also has to be done. Her mother (Most. Jahanara) told that they are very poor, they have no land and they have to live on other’s land. They could not able to bear the expenses for the surgery. They were very saddened and upset. Then Pediatric Counselor informed them, they can get support from Orbis Project, 2021-23 (Strengthening Comprehensive Eye Care Service for Children and Newborns in Rangpur, Bangladesh), if they bear few expense. They went to home and discussed with Suruvi’s father and took decision for getting surgery.

Then, on 28 April, 2021, at last Suruvi had her Cataract Surgery on Left Eye (Surgery Name: Aspiration of Lens Matter with PPC with AVT/ Left). During follow-up after 07 days, her Visual Acuity was found in Surgery Eye (Left Eye) with correction 6/18, which was Hand Movement before doing surgery. Suruvi was very delighted after getting back her vision in Left Eye after surgery. She was told by the Surgeon that Lens will be implemented on her Left Eye, after three months. Then without correction, her Visual Acuity will be more improved and Squint condition may be reduced. Then if needed, Suruvi has to go for Squint Surgery. That time, they will also get support from Orbis Project again.

Suruvi and her mother were very grateful to Orbis International and Deep Eye Care Foundation for their generous support towards mankind. Suruvi said that this surgery and support will help her to get rid from the curse and dream again to complete her education when COVID-19 situation will be improved.

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