Outreach Program

DECF lays emphasis on outreachprograms as they open up thescope of serving the mostvulnerable and impoverishedsegments of the society living inremote and lagging behind areas.This is where the hammer ofblindness fall the hardest. Poorfamilies find it increasingly difficultto survive with someone disabledby treatable blindness. Most ofour hospitals and eye carecenters are located in towns andcities and owing to their financialstrain and lack ofawareness,poor people usually don’t visitthose. As blindness leaves thosepoor people income less andjobless, DECF prioritizes theimportance of conductingoutreach programs as frequentlyas possible to ensure primary eyecare services within easy reachof those deprived. We givespecial emphasis to outreachprograms as it helps developawareness among the peoplewhere BCC materials are used tobring the desired effect.With a span of 10 years, DECF has conducted more than ___________ Free camps, Health awareness programmers, school screenings, DR camps etc. DECF has also extended its helping hand for conducting around ____________ free surgeries to the under privileged in the society.

School Sight Testing Programs (SSTP)

During last one year January, 2018 – December, 2018 DECF organized total 52 School Sight Testing Programs in different schools within Rangpur District for screening children. In this year total 39913 students were screened in SSTP. In the screening camps, we identified refractive errors and prescribed medicine. We delivered 767 free spectacles among the refractive poor patients. We provided few drugs to the poor patients under this project. We referred 78 students with operational and critical cases to the Base Hospital. In this quarter several pediatric cataract surgeries also done through SSTP. (Photos)

Drishti Corner

Drishti Corner is set up at school premises to increase the access to eye screenings to ensure that no child gets missed and can enjoy studying, reading, playing without worrying about their sight.At the selected school Premises, an especial corner will be chosen by the management of the school for implementing “Dristi Corner”. Twenty schools were selected primarily for setting up Drishti Corner. DECF inaugurated the first Drishti Corner set up at BIAM Laboratory School & College, Rangpur, supported by Orbis International Bangladesh under National Childhood Blindness Project on September 26, 2018.Elements of Dristi Corner are:

    • Vision Chart
    • Weight Machine
    • Height Measuring Tap
    • Leaflets About Eye Health Awareness
    • Eye Awareness Slogans
    • One Register book