Case Study of Encer Ali

Name: Md Encer Ali
Age: 50 Years
Parents/Husbands Name: Moslem Uddin
Occupation: Beggar
Address: Village: Kapaitari, Joydeb. Union:Gazaghanta, Ward No. 01,
Upazilla: Gongachara,
District: Rangpur
Country: Bangladesh

Reg. No. 4402-1025 & 4712-1114, Admission Date: For R/E- 05.05.2010 For L/E- 05.06.2010, Operation Date: R/E-06.05.2010 & L/E-06.06.2010

Visual Acuity:
Pre-operative VA: PLPR & HM
Post Operative VA: R/E-6/16, L/E-6/18 with out correction

Kapaitari, Joydeb is a Char village under Gagaghanta Union of Gongachara Upazilla of Rangpur District. For the communication villagers use Van, Riksha and bicycle to come district headquarter or upozilla sadar.
Under “Char Vision Project” Deep Eye Care Foundation (DECF) has been rendering Eye Care Services to the people especially residing in the Char areas of Rangpur and Gaibandha districts with the collaboration of ORBIS International. Every month DECF arranges eye camp at different char locations in Rangpur & Gibanda district.

On 05.05.2010 DECF organized an eye camp to screen out the cataract patients at Salapuch Gov. Primary School, salapack, Gojaghanta, Gongachara, Rangpur. Encer Ali attended that camp. Last five year he could see only in daylight, at night he couldn’t see anything. He was not able to do anything without assistance due to poor vision. He used to beg to maintain his daily livelihood.
On the camp day he was diagnosed to have matured cataract in his both eyes and was advised for cataract surgery in his right eye at first. And accordingly he was counseled about cataract surgery. ‘Surgery requires lot of money’ Encer Ali was upset and started crying. Counselor informed him about free of cost cataract operation opportunity under Char vision project. Encer Ali was amazed listening to counselor and agreed to go for operation in his right eye with the PSP team.

The Surgery was performed on 6th May 2010. Next day his visual acuity was 6/18. After getting good vision he was too much happy and told, “for last 3/4 years I was unable to perform daily works and I couldn’t see anything. As I was not able to contribute anything for the family they started to ignore me in all aspects. I thought for my next life I will have to remain blind and I started to beg to earn something for my family.” He also told that begging was shameful job, he was no more a beggar. He returned back to his past working life. Ho willingly came to DECF for cataract operation in his 2nd on 16th June 2010. The 1st POD vision in left eye was 6/12 with our correction.

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