Case Study of Bioshi

Name: Bioshi
Age: 50 Years
Parents/Husbands Name: Lasu House Hold Number: 04
Occupation: Unemployed
Address: Village: North Durgapur, Union: Tukuria, Ward No. 01
Upazilla: Pirgonj
District: Rangpur
Country: Bangladesh

Reg. No. 0136-725, Admission Date: 25.02.2009, Operation Date: 26.02.2009

Visual Acuity:
Pre-operative VA: R/E-PLPR, L/E-6/60
Post Operative VA: R/E-6/6, L/E-6/60

North Durgapur- a remote village under Tukuria Union of Pirgonj Upazilla of Rangpur District, which is 20 km away from the national highway. The Korotoa river flows beside the village. The major portions of the dwellers of the village are “Sawtal”- the tribe people whose socioeconomic status is below poverty level. The Sawtal believes in mother-dominated society where the females play vital role to run the family expenditures. They are involved in agriculture and other constructional works. The males look after the house holds works. As a result the females are seen to be industrious more than the male and they have got priority in labor market over the males in this region.
Under the “Char Vision Project” Deep Eye Care Foundation (DECF) has been rendering Eye Care Services to the people especially residing in the Char areas of Rangpur and Gaibandha districts with the collaboration of ORBIS International.
On 25.02.2009 DECF organized an eye camp to screen out the cataract patients at North Durgapur. In that camp a Sawtal tribal Bioshi by name had attended along with other patients. She was diagnosed tohave cataract in her both eyes and she was assured of good vision after cataract surgery with IOL implantation. But she was searching for other means except surgery to get her vision back because of her financial inability. The medical team of DECF ma de her understand that without cataract surgery there are no other way for restoring her sight. Hearing to this Bioshi broke into tears as she will never have the opportunity to go for surgery due to her financial strain.
According to Bioshi, “It is not ever possible for me to arrange the surgery fees. So I will have to remain blind for the rest of the life. Due to my blindness nobody will give me work. It has become hard for me to arrange my food once a day. So from where will I get money for surgery.”
Being empathetic with Bioshi the counselor of the medical team of DECF assured her that her surgery could be done at free of cost. Under the “Char Vision Project” Bioshi was brought to DECF- Eye Hospital and under went SICS with PCIOL in her right eye on February 26, 2009. On 1st POD (27.02.2009) when the nurse removed bandage from Bioshi’s right eye she was so excited with joy, “she got back a new life” as if.
Getting back vision 6/6 in her right eye, Bioshi was recalling her immediately passed miserable life, ” I thought I will never get back light in my eyes. The villagers used to say me that I am punished with blindness by God due to sin. Some people told me to go to the traditional healers. I did not listen to them. Finding no other way I lost all faith about getting eyesight. Now hearing your advice I have become sighted. God will definitely bless you.”- Bioshi told with a gracious face.
“What will be the next job after returning home” asked by the staff of DECF. She was confident enough to have a job and she will be able to bear the expenses of her family and grandson’s schooling as well. She will be released from her miserable life.
On 05.03.2009 Bioshi came to DECF- Eye Hospital for 1st follow-up and she looked sanguine and confident and having a face without sorrow.

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