Dr. Md. Sajidul Huq Tanjil, Senior Coordinator, Education & Training Department at Deep Eye Care Foundation was named a 2021 Eye Health Hero by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) in Future leader category. The news has been published in IAPB official website on December 01, 2021. The news link is given below:


My experience in the eye health care field is exciting and full of discoveries. It expanded my knowledge base in understanding the importance of training for the eye care workforce, which is vital for a sustainable and stable eye health delivery system and ensuring universal eye health. For the last five years, I gave particular attention to developing cadres of skilled mid-level ophthalmic personnel, who play a crucial role in supporting ophthalmologists and creating a more efficient workforce, and to primary eye care workers, who can bring eye care to communities.

I am thankful to the management team of my hospital for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this field and promoting individual growth. I am very fortunate to work under the leadership of Dr. Khairul Islam, who is the first Eye Health Hero of Bangladesh. He has been instrumental in bringing the best from me by giving me the freedom for new ideas. I am very grateful to all individuals, institutions, donors and colleagues for their support for I could not have achieved anything without them.” – Md. Sajidul Huq Tanjil

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