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Deep Institute of Community Ophthalmology (DICO) is the training and research wing of Deep Eye care Foundation (DECF). Established in 2017, DICO’s mission to eliminate needless blindness and make a sustainable, equitable and comprehensive health care system has led to the development of human resource for own hospital as well as the country. DICO imparts training for Ophthalmologist, Mid-level ophthalmic personnel (MLOP), Outreach workers, Healthcare managers and Researchers. The general framework for our training courses is to make them interactive and hands-on so that participants can derive the most benefits from their time spent with us. DICO is on the way to get National accreditation from the State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh and will apply for ICO Accreditation and Certification (International Council of Ophthalmology) in next year.

Ongoing Courses and Training Programs for MLOP


The course provides knowledge, skills and attitude through which MLOP’s will be able to assist the ophthalmologist and render primary eye care services with efficiency and accuracy where necessary within defined boundary of responsibilities. The Studens having passed in SSC (science backgrond preferreed) are selected to undergo comprehensive theoretical and practical training in Ophthalmic procedures. After successful completion of course, we provide them opportunity for.


This training is designed for certified Mid-level Ophthalmic Pernonnel (MLOP) with a desire to increase their knowledge and clinical skill along with an attitude towards planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating activities towards carrying out the refraction practice efficently. Deep Eye Care Foundation with its immense potential has taken initiative to provide training on refraction to the MLOPs. The short term training course will primrily focus on enhancing the clinical and supervisory skills on refraction and to upgrade their knowledge set with hands-on training and to practice patient service under the direct supervision of a certified refracting optician, Orthoptist, Optometrist and Ophthalmologist.