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  Our Journey To Sight  
Deep Eye Care Foundation commenced its strenuous journey as a non profitable, non government, community based organization on 9th October, 2008 (the world sight day that year) on the outskirts of Rangpur city, at Akkelpur, Darshona, with a view to providing equitable and quality eye care services to all the people in Greater Rangpur, comprising of Rangpur, Gaibandha, Nilphamari, Kurigram and Lalmonirhat districts. Since its inception, it has always been a matter of special emphasis to us to reach the unreached people, to reach out to the poorest segment of the society where the impact of needless avoidable blindness is most damaging. As a community based organization, to us, it has always been a top priority to ensure and promote people's participation in its activities for achieving its aim. Though primarily we set Greater Rangpur to be our working area, we desire to extend our activities beyond that boundary if and when plausible and possible.
There is no denying that those years, we have come past since its inception, have proved crucial, decisive and promising for the organization together with tried our patience, strength, ability, skill and depth of commitment to works none the less. We have had to come past strenuous ways since we started our journey against the backdrop of a dire scenario of staggeringly meager eye care services available compared to the bulk and gravity of vision impairment prevailing in our proposed working area of Greater Rangpur. Moreover, under a huge financial restraint and resource constraint, we dared assert our commitment to promoting DECF as a center of excellence in eye care services and at the same time reaching the target set by "Vision 2020", the global strategy for the elimination of needless avoidable blindness from the world by the year 2020.
In an underdeveloped country like ours, government alone cannot suffice to match and meet the health needs owing to a number of hurdles like growing population, insufficient infrastructure, low per capita income, aging population, diseases in pandemic proportions, illiteracy and frequent natural disasters etc. Quite reasonably, DECF came with a mission to supplement the efforts of the government and other organizations working in this field so as to better eye care service scenario and make a tangible contribution to achieving the objective of ``Vision 2020''.
Our task appeared to be colossal as the statistics of blindness and visual impairment were overwhelmingly massive in Bangladesh and Greater Rangpur was no exception to this as a lagging behind part of a poor country like ours. Then Greater Rangpur had a population of fifteen million, of which 1.5% was blind and proportion of cataract accounted blindness was 79.6%. Against that huge need availability of eye care service was agonizingly scarce.
Before DECF started working in this field, there had been a few organizations like eye department of Rangpur Medical College, Jaheda Charitable Center, Community Eye Care Center and a very few private practitioner providing only some specific eye care services like general eye treatment, refraction and a few cataract surgeries. In addition to this, lack of awareness among the majority of poverty stricken people concerning eye care and health and their financial inability added to the gravity of the situation. So we embroiled ourselves quite knowing where we were, where we would have to go and how to get there. And, as an organization at its initial stage, though its achievements are not enough to tangibly change the visual impairment scenario of Greater Rangpur, it obviously has made the most comprehensive contribution of all working here.
Over those years since its opening, DECF has managed to maintain its growth as a fast evolving organization by extending its installations, expanding its facilities and diversifying its services as well as activities. Now it has a three storied building furnished with modern eye care equipments and operation facilities which provides both indoor and outdoor services operated by skilled manpower. It also has a separate installation having 4,500sqft space which works as a full-fledged pediatric unit and another three storied building for conducting various training sessions is on the way to be completed. Along with these physical and visible developments, the number of patients receiving treatment from here has gone eight times higher than it was in 2008. Together with those attainments, DECF has raised and stretched its Outreach programs and related services quite comprehensively. It has managed to extend and branch out its activities quite noticeably to ensure community Involvement, building awareness and confidence among the people together with making sure behavioral change communication. It has also expanded its sub-specialty services to ensure all types of eye treatments. To accelerate the pace of human resource development, DECF has considerately increased training facilities for its staffs within the country and abroad as well as arranged multiple training sessions for ophthalmic assistants and community health workers. More over we are all wholeheartedly committed to working to the best of our capacity to reach the stature of a sustainable organization and pay gratitude to Him since working as a part of this comprehensive campaign has widened our insight and vision, heightened our aptitude and made us more committed to what we are doing. All these are sure to add to the likely future development of the organization.
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Dr. Khairul Islam, Executive Director, Deep Eye Care Foundation, Rangpur, was selected as “Eye Health Hero-2016” for the first time from Bangladesh. Our reputations and endeavors in the field of eye care sectors highly recognized and appreciated by achieving this world famous award by him.
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